Cairnhill Open Gardens, France. June 2017

5th July 2017

Hi everyone. My friend Joss Burke hosts artist works in her magnificent garden in the first week end in June in the Aquitaine region of France about an hour outside Bordeaux. Her garden features as part of an open garden weekend across the whole region. It is a very popular event with hundreds of people visiting over the weekend. Joss is also an artist and one of the founder members of the Birmingham/Bordeaux artist group called Dialogue. My contribution this year was to decorate a tree that I originally gave to Joss as a moving in present for her garden several years ago. I named the tree “Patrick” after my middle name. The tree has an Irish tricolour flag flying from the top of the tree, green white and orange bunting and shamrock decorative string decorating the lower part of the tree. This was originally inspired by seeing a photograph by Paul Graham who produced a series of photographs on Northern Ireland during the troubles -which included a tree in the middle of a field with a union jack flying from it. Anyway attached is an image that Joss took of the tree called “Patrick”.


.Patrick the Tree 2