6th May 2015

Welcome to my Blog. I have recently come back from a trip to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. I spent five days where I explored the city of Inverness, Fort William, the battlefield of Culloden and of course Loch Ness itself. The weather was good and I was able to get a feel for the area. With a landmass approximately the size of Belgium, the Highlands and Islands only have a population of 300,000. It is a large area, sparsely populated, with mountains, locks, rivers and glens and has great natural beauty. It was my first time being in the Highlands and is an area I would like to explore in greater depth in the future. I hope to upload images in the near future.

Sign for Nessie Land in the Highlands of Scotland. 2015

Sign for Nessie Land in the Highlands of Scotland. 2015

My next travel destination is the Isle of Man towards the end of July which I am really looking forward to exploring the island.

The Dialogue artist group (of which I am a member) are working towards a show at the Midlands Art Centre next year and hopefully a show in Bordeaux as well. We have regular meetings using skype to discuss the planning of the exhibitions and exchange ideas. As the meetings take place in the evening and France is an hour ahead of us, food and drink is usually involved to make these pleasant social occasions. You can follow our progress towards next year’s show as well as finding out about past exhibitions and archival material on http://dialogue-uk-fr.tumblr.com