Hawaii trip

14th June 2017

Hi all. Got back after two weeks in the US in which I visited the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Hawaii the Big Island! It was much to short a time but I got around as much as I could to take photographs. On Oahu I stayed in Honolulu but managed to get out to Lanikai and Kailua Beaches while in the Big Island I stayed on the outskirts of Hilo at Arnott’s Lodge. While on the Big Island I went to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a sunset and star gazing trip on Mt Mauna Kea, a trip to the Lava Tree State Monument, Hilo town and surrounding local beaches plus a trip to a black sand beach! There is a lot more to Hawaii that just amazing beaches and romantic sunsets, the people and culture are amazing and I would like to go back someday to explore more of Hawaii. I will upload some of these photos on the website.


Sunset on Mt Mauna Kea. May 2017