Multi-Period Military Re-enactment weekend, Spletchley Park, Worcester. August 2015

19th August 2015

french nap firing at British1

On Saturday 15th August I went to Spetchley Park just outside Worcester to see the re-enactors who specialise in different periods of military history. From the Ancient Greeks to WW2 history was recreated by these people who are passionate about bringing history alive and give an insight into costumes worn not only by the military but also ordinary folk, together with the lifestyles. Battles were fought, campsites put on show and people walking around in different period costume which was quite surreal to witness. I enjoyed my visit and took a number of photographs that I hope to turn into a photobook. I will put a selection in a new collection for people to view.

I have also decided to go to Holyhead and explore Angelsea in Noth Wales for a few days at the end of September, so hope to get some good images on that trip. Going to Holyhead brings back memories as a child of family holidays to Ireland and travelling via holyhead to get the boat train to Dublin. Angelsea is steeped in history as well as having stunning coastal areas which I am looking forward to visiting.