Visit to Bordeaux

11th November 2017

In October Graham Chorlton and myself went to Bordeaux to meet up with Joss, Francis and Dominique from the Dialogue group of artists I belong to. We have a show at the Bordeaux Botanical Gardens next year and we went to see the Gardens and meet with the Director who gave us a tour. He outlined the ethos of the organisation and we spent time looking around the Gardens to get a feel for it. I am working on an idea around nature claiming wastelands in the built up environment in Birmingham. As I work out my ideas I will update blog periodically.  It was great being in Bordeaux and the weather was fantastic. I also got the chance to visit Joss and Denis in Chez Barriott  Riouz Martin an hour outside Bordeaux which was great-though I got stung by a bee! Joss has several bee hives and the unseasonably hot weather had unsettled them.

I am also off to County Limerick at the end of November for a long week end and will take some photographs while I am there. Looking forward to going back!

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